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Who Attacked Fajja Village?

In a recent book, the responsibility for a deterioration in relations that eventually led to the outbreak of Arab-Jewish fighting that led to the War of Independence was placed on the Lechi. The author suggests a series of events in the late summer/early fall of 1947.

But what happened on the night of May 20, 1947 in the Arab village of Fajja (seems also spelled Fejja?

Fajja was located in east Petach Tikva, approximately in the area of the neighborhoods of Kiryat Eliezer Peri and Kiryat Alon today, west a David Remez Street at Kikar Hasas, near the Amal Aleph school:

Zochrot lists this:

a Palmach unit infiltrated the village on the pretext of apprehending thieves who had murdered two people in Petach Tiqwa. According to the History of the Haganah, shooting broke out when the unit approached the coffehouse were the thieves were allegedly hiding and two villagers were killed; “explosives experts stormed the coffehouse  under heavy covering fire, planted an explosive charege and ignited it.” The “Book of the Palmach” reports that the explosion was unnecessarily delayed and although the coffehosue was destroyed, no one was harmed.

The Palestine Post of May 22 includes this report: 

The Jewish fatality, Shlomo Miller, a Palmach member, was born in Givat HaShlosha. 

The description of the attack at an official memorial site reads:

In the spring of 1947, attacks and murders by armed Arab bands increased in the area of the Sharon moshavot...On May 18, 1947, armed Arabs, identified as gang members, were identified as concentrating near the camp of the Swarqi Arabs (Fajja village)...where police dogs had previously identified as a base for operations of the gangs. The Hagana decided to send out a unit in order to catch them. A gunfight ensued. Shlomo raced forward and was wounded in the head. Taken to Beilinson Hospital, he died on his wounds on 1 Sivan, May 20.

The Petach Tikva archives blog notes there began a series of Arab attacks that spring which wounded children and adults. Tzemach Halperin was murdered on the 19th. He was married with two children and lived at the Geula neighborhood of Sha'ariya and was attempting to defend his house from Arabs seeking to break in. Aaron Shvili from the Hasidof Qurter also was killed in an earlier incident and footprints led directly to Fajja. The cafe meeting place was attacked with guns and explosives and three Arabs were killed according to the testimony of Reuven Saperstein who took part in the reprisal raid. The Palmach site indicates that as the Arabs fled, Miller fired two warning shots in the air and then was struck by a bullet fired by an Arab.

A follow-up report:

On the background of the Nakba/Israel Archives matter, I found this interesting.


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Mr. Cohen said...

Evelyn Gordon [a journalist
living in Israel] said:

“Palestinians’ rights matter when targeted by Israel,
but not when targeted by the Palestinian Authority.

And Israeli rights never matter,
except when violated by Israel.”

SOURCE: When human rights
become acceptable collateral damage

by Evelyn Gordon, 2019 July 3


Lord Ian Livingston of England said:

“Whilst the Israeli Defense Forces are not
perfect, the obsession of focusing on them
despite being the most moral and professional
army in the Middle East is very strange.”

SOURCE: Ten Baroness Tonge
Pilloried at House of Lords Session She Initiated
on Israel’s Treatment of Palestinian Children

by Benjamin Kerstein, 2019 July 8


Mr. Sean Savage said:

“...the ADL has uncovered virulently
anti-Semitic passages in Qatari state textbooks.

These books claim that:

Jewish people are treacherous,
seek to conquer the world and follow
a perverted, invalid religion.

The books also contained numerous
examples of anti-Christian bigotry,
as well as incitement against the West.”

Qatar’s government also funds the
International Union of Muslim Scholars,
whose Secretary-General openly denies
the Holocaust, according to the
Middle East Media Research Institute.”

SOURCE: Qatar’s ‘big win’
in White House visit unlikely to
bridge vast policy differences
by Mr. Sean Savage, 2019 July 9


Mr. Ross Perot
(two-time USA Presidential candidate) said:

“Israel is a beacon in its part of the world
in terms of its democratic government.

It is a role model to the others there...”

SOURCE: Remembering Ross Perot’s
relationship with Israel and the American Jewish
by Jackson Richman, 2019 July 10


Josep Borrell Fontelles, the newly elected
Chairman of the European Union,
recently said in an interview in Politico:

“Iran wants to wipe Israel out,
nothing new about that.
You have to live with it.”

SOURCE: Lessons in the appeasement of Iran
by Sarah N. Stern [President of the Endowment
for Middle East Truth] 2019 July 12