Monday, July 29, 2019

When Did Boycotting Zionism Begin?

September 1, 1922 would be a start*:

October 1922 would follow:

We even had anti-Zionist Jews as pro-boycott, October 20, 1922:

* Nope. December 1920:

And reported on June 10, 1921:



Mr. Cohen said...

Saudi journalist Fahad al-Shammari
declared [in a television interview] that:

“the Palestinians are beggars,” and “have no honor”

SOURCE: PA and Jordanian
incitement against Saudi Arabia

by Yoni Ben Menachem of JCPA, 2019/7/28

Miss Ayaan Hirsi Ali
[a Somalian-born ex-Muslim] said:

[In many Muslim countries], corrupt rulers
play an intricate game to stay in power.

Their signature move is the promise
to “free” the Holy Land — that is,
to eliminate the Jewish state.

SOURCE: Anti-Semitism Is Hard to
Unlearn but it’s Possible — Even for Ilhan Omar

Miss Ayaan Hirsi Ali
[a Somalian-born ex-Muslim] said:

There is very little freedom of expression
in Muslim-majority countries, and state-owned
media churn out anti-Semitic and anti-Israel
propaganda daily — as do even media
groups that style themselves as critical
of Muslim autocracies, such as
Al Jazeera and Al-Manar.

SOURCE: Anti-Semitism Is Hard to
Unlearn but it’s Possible — Even for Ilhan Omar

from the Jewish Virtual Library:

“Leading up to Israel's independence
in [year] 1948, it was common for
the international press to label Jews,
not Arabs, living in the [British]
mandate as Palestinians.

It was not until years after Israeli
independence that the Arabs living
in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
were called Palestinians.”

Origin of "Palestine"


Did Captain Kirk believe in
negotiating with terrorists?


Captain James T. Kirk said:

“We DO NOT negotiate with those who
threaten our lives or the lives of others.”

SOURCE: Star Trek: Savage Trade
(chapter 17, bottom of page 303) by Tony Daniel,
year 2015 CE, Pocket Books, New York,
ISBN: 9781476765501 * ISBN: 1476765502

Tuvia Tenenbom
[a secular Israeli author] said:

“Outside of the Orthodox community,
where Jews are proud to be Jews,
and are observing Jewish Law...

In state-after-state, temple-after-temple,
what I saw and what I witnessed was
a nightmare: You see [non-Orthodox] Rabbis,
so-called Rabbis, leaders, supposedly leaders,
standing at a podium, and all they can
tell to their listeners, is that Israel is
an apartheid state, and that Judaism is racist.

That is what they preach, over
and over and over and over again...”

SOURCE: Shocking Tuvia Tenenbom
Interview Tells Truth about Reform & Conservative Jews

a YouTube video/published on 2017 July 17
from JNS dot org:

“Under the Trump administration,
the United States argued that UNRWA
[United Nations Relief and Works Agency
for Palestine Refugees] has perpetuated,
rather than helped, end the Israeli-
Palestinian conflict, by extending
refugee status to the children,
grandchildren and great-grandchildren
of those who fled Israel during the
establishment of the Jewish state in 1948.”

SOURCE: UNRWA Leaders Accused
of Sexual Misconduct, Ethics Violations

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