Sunday, April 23, 2017

Whose "History" and What "Performance"

Did you read this?

8,000 Jewish settlers raid historical sites in the West Bank

Around 8,000 Israeli Jewish settlers, protected by Israeli forces, raided the village of Kifil Haris in the central West Bank city of Salfit and performed Talmudic rituals in an attempt to provoke the local Muslim population, Quds Press reported on Friday.

Kifil Haris is the proposed site  of Joshua's grave and has been visited yearly for the past 30+ years and more, organized through the Shomron Regional Council under the auspices of the IDF.


a) the historical aspect of the site is, of course, Jewish.

b) the nasty anti-Semitic trope: "performed Talmudic rituals". Jews never pray. They perform rituals. Unlike Muslims who prostrate, etc.


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