Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Truth? In the New York Times? (Multiple Updated Version)

Read this.

And this.

And this.

And read Netanyahu's remarks below.

All on the New York Times publishing an op-ed by a terrorist murderer without identifying him as such.


Nothing new, really.

In 2007 Hamas also had an op-ed published.

By a "political advisor".


Speaking to Army Radio, Deputy Minister for Diplomacy Michael Oren called the opinion piece a "journalistic terror attack." The former ambassador to the U.S. said that Israel should consider action against the New York Times for publishing something "full of lies," especially if it turns out the paper helped Barghouti smuggle his article out of prison.


And now this:

And also read Public Editor's remarks:

I asked Jim Dao, editor of the Op-Ed pages, about the decision not to include Barghouti’s crimes.Dao noted that the piece does say the author received multiple life sentences but he acknowledged that it doesn’t state the crimes for which he was convicted. “We are drafting an editors’ note that will provide that information,” he said.
...This isn’t a new issue for the Opinion section. I have written before on the need to more fully identify the biography and credentials of authors, especially details that help people make judgments about the opinions they’re reading. Do the authors of the pieces have any conflicts of interest that could challenge their credibility? Are they who they say they are, and can editors vouch for their fidelity?

I see no reason to skimp on this, while failing to do so risks the credibility of the author and the Op-Ed pages.

In this case, I’m pleased to see the editors responding to the complaints, and moving to correct the issue rather than resist it. Hopefully, it’s a sign that fuller disclosure will become regular practice.


And just now:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (18 April 2017), at Maimouna festivities in Dimona, made the following remarks: "I read, on Sunday, the article in the New York Times that presents arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti as a 'parliamentarian and leader'. The paper recanted after we pointed it out to them. Calling Barghouti a 'political leader' is like calling Assad a 'pediatrician.' They are murderers and terrorists. We will never lose our sense of clarity because we are on the side of justice and they are on the side that is neither just nor moral. This moral clarity, the readiness to defend our country, the readiness to fight those who would destroy us, is one of our greatest strengths, alongside love of Israel. Love of Israel is expressed in this abundance, this beauty and this heat. We will continue to develop our country and we will continue to safeguard it.



Dan Livni said...

Great thoughts my Right Word.
Here is the best article rebuking leftist idiots who want Barghouti freed.
Free a mass-murderer for peace?
November 24, 2011

Sammy Finkelman said...

>> Calling Barghouti a 'political leader' is like calling Assad a 'pediatrician.'

An optometrist.

The real point is what made him a political leader.

What's going on? Why now? This isn't taking place in a vacuum. What's being planned against Israel? And who's doing it? Is it that Iran or somebdy thinks the war in Syria will soon be over, and they can go on to other wars and crimes?