Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Arab Propaganda in the "Dozens"

Let's just pick on two false claims in this story:

Turmus Aya's Palestinians threatened by settlement plan

Around 4000 Palestinians live in fear over recent encroachment from Israeli settlements.

1.  The fertile area is known as "Emek Shilo" - Shilo Valley - and is home to dozens of Palestinian villages and towns. 


Turmos Aya

is the only village in the valley:


And the homes are luxurious.

To be generous, nearby but not in the valley which is less than a mile long and less than half-mile wide, are Mughayir and Jaloud. Two families live in a small plot know as Hirbet Sara.

In the same area are Shiloh, Shvut Rachel, Achiyah, Keida, Adei-Ad, Yishuv HaDa'at and Geulat Tzion/Amona.

Hebrew map of same area:

2.  "The settlers and the poor economic situation here are the reason why Turmus Aya is empty," said Rabie, a Chicago-based Palestinian who hails from the village, where many of the elegant villas appear uninhabited. "People are scared of the settlers and the army."

Turmos-Aya is not empty.  Period.

Its population is at least 4000 and probably more, with "thousands of American citizens", 70 per cent of its residents are US citizens.


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