Sunday, July 10, 2016

Zionist Blather and Blabber

Here is an example of unnecessary blather.

Pinkertonthe Consul General at Jerusalem at the time (and until 1947), is the person Moshe Shertok (later, Sharret) spoke to and I found this description of him from his vice consul in charge of visas, Wells Stabler:

The Consul General, Mr. Pinkerton, was someone who played his cards quite close to his chest when it came to the substantive side of things. I really never did know to what extent he was turned to for advice as to what we should be doing about Palestine...I wasn't ostracized or cut out by Pinkerton, although I did not play any role in political substantive work. He did that entirely himself. He never showed us any of his messages that he sent back and forth on substantive questions. He played it all very close to his chest. I never quite understood why he didn't take some of us into his confidence, but he didn't.
My question is: why is Sharret blabbering all these details to an American diplomat, especially the "small" makority in favor?  Why is he undermining the Zionist movement's credibility and standing? In relating that he would be "carrying most the burdern", isn't he being way too egotistical before a foreign power?

What is driving him to sabotage this diplomatic effort?


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