Thursday, July 14, 2016

Shiloh To Be Expanded? New Legislation Planned

I was all excited for 5 seconds.

Again, not my Shiloh out here in the hills of Efraim, in the Benjamin Region.

Bill to expand Shiloh closer to becoming law

A bill that would expand the reach of Shiloh National Military Park is one step closer to becoming law after it passed through the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Wednesday.

Sen. Lamar Alexander is a committee member and is the author of the Shiloh National Military Park Boundary Adjustment and Parker's Crossroads Battlefield Designation Act.

“Preserving and protecting these sites will allow future generations to learn their history by walking these fields," Alexander said in a released statement. "Learning from the past helps us become better Americans in the future, and these sites will also provide an opportunity to attract more visitors to Tennessee and strengthen the local economies."

...The bill must be considered by the full Senate before it can be signed into law.

But if come out to my Shiloh, and visit our community and tour our archaeological park, you, too will learn history, appreciate your future and ... expand your minds.

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