Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beinart's Buffonery

Peter Beinart came to Hebron.

He came to demonstrate against the "occupation".

The real story, however, is here.

In short, he and his friends

-  squatted on property an Arab claims is his (but it isn't and that's another part of the
    so-called 'occupation' tale)

-  and they "helped" him by ripping up all his weeds - which is the fodder for his goats and 
    thus deprived him of food for his livestock

-  and then they conducted a sit down which got their Israeli counterparts arrested, but
    when they left, theIsraeli were still in jail while they were off to lunch

-  all there while they were singing civil rights songs.

What a buffoon.



Beinart has now published a 'his side' piece.

It includes lines like:

I’ll never know what it felt like to be in Mississippi in 1964. But last Friday, watching dozens of twenty-something American Jewish kids (and a few older activists) haul junk in Abu Aisha’s yard in Hebron, I felt an unusual sensation: hope.

the dirty little secret of the American Jewish establishment is that its officials know little about Palestinian life under Israeli control. 

I don’t think protests like last Friday’s will have a direct impact on Israelis. The protests are too American.

I’ll never forget last Friday afternoon, when we stood outside the settlement that housed the prison where Rothman-Zecher and five other activists had been detained, and welcomed Shabbat by singing Shalom Aleichem and Lecha Dodi. The soldiers and settlers standing in front of us looked at us like we were mad. The Palestinians standing behind us looked confused too, but a Palestinian boy, smiling broadly, nonetheless ran over to us with cups of water.   

last Friday, I vowed to come back next year, for the fiftieth anniversary of Israel’s takeover of the West Bank. Instead of 50 Jews, I hope we bring 500. I hope you’re one of them.