Monday, July 11, 2016

Crusaders, Yes; Jews, No?

The things, the really odd and nonsensical things, one can find.

Like here, where Muslims discuss the Even Shtiyah, the Foundation Stone, over which the Dome of the Rock was built.

The item's author, Ihab Salim, claims as a false assertion that the Crusaders used the circular aperture in the rock to drain the blood of slaughtered animals
The origin of this false argument is a misunderstanding of the words of historians...who describe procedures for the Crusaders in the Dome of the Rock [and quotes a source]...: 

Then continues that

Gen. Salah al-Din Isfahani describes the Dome of the Rock after the liberation [of Jerusalem]: "The rock was where the Crusaders had built for themselves a church and an altar."

Since the word altar in the Islamic religion linked to the slaughter of sacrifice, some had thought that the rock above the altar was used for offerings and the aperture used to drain blood spills....[But] no Crusader traveler said that there was a real process of slaughter and disposal of blood through the opening to the cave.

All well and good.

But Jews did slaughter to the north of the altars of the First and Second Temples and then brought the animal parts to be burned on those altars.

What are the locations of the sacrifices? Kodshai Kodashim [sacrifices of the highest degree of sanctity]. They may be slaughtered only on the north-west corner of the altar, and consumed only within the Temple compound by male priests, or burnt entirely] are slaughtered on the north [side of the altar]. [The] bull and [the] goat of Yom Kippur are slaughtered on the north [side of the altar] and their blood is collected in a consecrated vessel on the north [side of the altar]. ..

Do not Jews deserve a mention, even a passing mention?



Thor said...

A theory I like about the rock at Mecca is that it´s a meteoride high in iron content and a natural magnet. For a meteor to survive the atmosphere it must have been large and must have made a great impact when arriving. The magnetic aspect, like drawing swords to it must have been considered very mysterious in it´s day.

For political correct reasons I would like to add that this observation does not take anything away from the creator, even if science can explain a thing like this only the creator can create it :)

Thor said...

Regardless of your blah blah story, if a relative has been killed then that is matterial for more that a lifelong feud.

Thor said...

Jews are no longer victims in this world, Jews are makers and shakers of it, and like other makers and shakers they are guilty of collateral damage.