Sunday, June 19, 2016


How many Muslims pray at the Al-Aqsa compound on the Ramadan Fridays?

This site has 200,000.

So does Ma'an.

So does Wafa.

Last year, 230,000 was reported:

And even 350,000 on the third Friday last year.

Even 300 Gazans were allowed in (how many Jews are allowed into Gaza to visit the synagogue there [yes, Jews lived in Gaza]?).

Here's from a news item the previous week:

Sheikh Omar al-Qiswani, the Al-Aqsa Mosque's Palestinian director, told Anadolu Agency that only about 100,000 worshipers had prayed at Al-Aqsa on the first Friday of Ramadan, compared to some 250,000 last year.

Here's a video clip taken from the top of the Al-Aqsa mosque:

Now, I ask you, does that really appear to be 200,000 persons congregated there?



Check this out:


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