Monday, June 13, 2016

Warsaw, Brisk and Vilna - Part Three

On hour way east, to Belarus:

but on the way, a ticket for speeding:

Getting our papers in order:

And at the border crossing we spotted a...mouse:

First stop, the Menachem Begin Memorial:

And right next door, the Tachkemoni primary school he attended:


which also has a plaque:


Then down the street to the main drag 



where there is a cinema:


which is built on the remains of Brest's Great Synagogue with an original wall is visible at the entrance to the downstairs bathrooms:

Then a stroll through the old Jewish neighborhood where Begin's family lived in three different houses at different periods

led by Yeffim 

a local Jewish resident and historian, one of which was at 129 ulica Stefana Batorego which was Petroskavya in the pre-World War I Russian period:

and now Karbyshev Street

Some street scenes:

Here, in the back, you can see (barely) the local ken clubhouse of Betar in the 1930s:


(and what Betar Brisk, 1929, with Aaron Tzvi Propes looked like:)


And prior to that in HaShomer HaTzair:


and here holding up the white flag with his father #2:

Talk by Prof. Miriam Billig:


Talk by Racheli Tzemach, Hila Malki and Ofira Daniel:

We are in the Grynberg Family back yard area where Begin first met and heard Jabotinsky in 1929:

(and the original)

A memorial ceremony for Brisk's Jew who perished in the Holocaust:

And lunch at the Chabad House with Rabbi and Rebbitzen Rabinowitz:

We retired at the Hermitage:

End of Day Three


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