Sunday, June 19, 2016

When Dr. Ruth Solicited My Advice

My colleague at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center pointed to the reception desk one floor below our offices.

"Isn't that Dr. Ruth?" he asked.

I said, "I'm almost positive it is."

So, being the intrepid and adventurous sort, if not at times foolish, I went down, intent on welcoming her to the Center and asked if I could be of help. She said "I saw right away you knew who I am."

We chatted about my version of what the initials of my high school stood for, Yeshiva Preparatory High School, her sniper experience, her injury as well as some archaeology since just then, a group came in led by Dr. Gaby Barkai, also a friend, and we discussed the import of his discovery in the Center's backyard of the "Priestly Blessing

Just before Dr. Ruth entered, we had a picture snapped but for some reason, a heavenly halo enveloped me:

That was odd.

As it happened, as I was getting ready to go to the Book Week stalls, she exited the museum and I asked if all was okay.

And she asked me for advice.  Could I recommend a good but not long biography of Menachem Begin.  And I did.

She was so pleased that we took another picture:

If I seem too serious, try this one:

We chatted some more and then we went our separate ways.


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