Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Warsaw, Brisk, Vilna - Part Six

After Tuesday morning's touring, we ate another boxed lunch and then began the trip home.

First stop, the huge Acropolis mall:

where I didn't buy a thing.

Then to the airport for a flight in a ... small plane with propellors:

And a very loud flight:

And found out that the Hora is of Rumanian origin:

 a group discussion on the pros & cons and lessons from the tour at Warsaw airport:

Arrival was around 4:30 AM.

Back at the Begin Center by 6 AM for a half day's work.


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Why is the Shin Bet trying to frame Pearlman? Pe said...

I'm looking forward to the conference based on your trip. Live webcam for those of us who find it difficult to get to Jerusalem, please.