Wednesday, February 04, 2015

V15 Even Advertises at Drudgereport

Why would V15 place an ad at Drudgereport?

Snapped at 15:20 today.

How much does that cost?

How many Israelis read Drudgereport?

Are they targeting an elite socio-economic sector in Israel?

What is going on?



Some have noted to me its a Google-placed ad.

No difference to my point.  When you sign an advertising contract you know where Google, in this case, is going to place your ads.  It'll be specified.  Why target Drudgereport readers, even if located in Israel only?



Anonymous said...

It's a Google Ad. They're not paying Drudge, they pay Google, who places ads for you to see according to your location & interests

Anonymous said...

here we go again. American-Jewish community pushing its young men into the most beta-schlubnik, low-paying career fields. Work which ought to be done by women, and by developmentally-disabled teenagers.

Then they act surprised when the young men start sniffing around shiksas....