Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Save and Protect The Muslim Child

After due consideration, I felt that the children being used in the Islamist anti-Jewish campaign at the Temple Mount is an issue that international and local pro-children organizations should be addressing.

And so, I challenged them to get involved.

Here's my letter to them:

To Whom It May Concern,
 Recently, extremist Islamic groups have harnessed into their activities to prevent freedom of access to and the freedom of worship of Jews within the Temple Mount compound underage children.  They employ these children to engage in actions of provocation such as coming into close proximity with Jews, standing in their way to obstruct their progress while walking in the area, screaming and yelling at them, waving their arms, shouting out slogans, using insulting language and other forms of activity.  All this can lead to the children being arrested or harmed by police.
 In doing this, the adults involved are unfairly and immorally taking advantage of the children, keeping them out of school, abusing them, maltreating and endangering them.  They are forcing the children to be placed in situations that can result in violence.
 A short video clip of such activity can be viewed here:
 Published material is here:
 These children are being exploited, physically and emotionally abused and as such, their rights are being violated.
 I call upon all the relevant agencies to investigate and to involve themselves in halting this illegal activity.
 The suspected abusers include the Islamic Religious Trust - Waqf, the Islamic Movement/North and the Palestinian Authority, among others.
 I await your responses and updates as to actions you have taken to prevent such a reality.

Among the recipients:

Action for Child Rights 

International Red Cross

United Nations Human Rights Council

Arab Institute for Human Rights


Defence for Children - Palestine

The Israel National Council for the Child

and others.

The first response:

Dear Mr. Medad,
In response to your letter of February 10, I would like to share with you an article we wrote on the subject of the use of children for the purpose of terror and war.The article was translated to a number of languages by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was distributed around the world. Sincerely, Elizabeth LevyDirector of International Relations


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