Thursday, February 05, 2015

The V15 Clip and Its Message

Here's a screen snapshot from the new V15 clip, captioned "people like you":


Is that an import from the U.S.?

What does the campaign want?  Change:-

And who is the object of the campaign?

And they claim they are not political?


You can complain to the American IRS about their activity.


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Anonymous said...

I think that this short film could be very powerful, but especially or mainly for the ignorant.
Note some aspects of the film:
1-- it's a story of "they" and "us" --- the they is vague and unspecified except that you see Netanyahu when the film speaks of they. But are poor people going to blame their plight on Netanyahu? Especially when they know that Buzhi and Tsipi are rich?
2-- the evils complained of are vague and unspecified. Inequality maybe. Inequality is hinted at. But inequality of incomes and prosperity has been around a long time in Israel and just about everywhere else.
3-- the changes that V15 wants are unspecified too. The filmakers want the viewer to do a gestalt completion of what is only hinted at or suggested in the film. But since the changes that they would make are not specifically stated, you don't really know what they would do if in power. They want everyone to feel that the future changes would be what each one wants for himself. But since the changes are not specific, you can't hold them to any promise.

4-- this vagueness and suggestiveness were central to the obama campaigns, especially in 2008. Hope and Change. But the lack of specifics and the general emotional appeal to the sense of discontent that many people rightly have are marks of the demagogue. Here we have a would-be demagoguic campaign without an actual leader. Tsipi and Herzog are not shown. And just as well for the campaign, for people have little confidence in them.

Will Israelis be as naive as the Americans were and accept this artful deception?