Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Incoming But No Warning Map

Based on the map that was used during Operation Protection Edge this past summer to warn the populace of in-coming rockets/missiles, this map was created which is the one that would be used if, as presumed, Hamas comes to rule Judea and Samaria once Israel retreats/withdraws:

The legend, at the top left reads:

15 Seconds
30 Seconds
45 Seconds
One Minute
A minute and a half
Three minutes

Everthing clear?

(thanks to GS)



TFH said...

The whole world has been living under a nuclear threat since the 70's. A 2 hour warning makes little difference from a 15 min warning in the grand scheme of things/life.

But I sympathise, it must be intolerabel to live under these conditions, but very tricky to deal with without becoming the bad guy in European media.

Still a 100 to 1 kill ratio like in the last invasion of Gaza is not acceptable and draws a picture of a very one sided conflict. Like Hamas probabla intended.

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