Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Shin Bet Causes The Temple Mount Problems

In Chaim Levinson's report on the interrogation of the Hamas operative, Riad Nasser, who was planning for the collapse of the PA structure in Judea and Samaria and its replacement by Hamas, we find this:

Large portions of the conversations were devoted to politics, to pass the time until Nasser began giving his interrogators the details they really wanted to hear. They spoke about Reuven Rivlin’s election as president and the situation on the Temple Mount. One Shin Bet investigator said, “The Middle East is in an unstable situation, and any terror attack or conflict on the Temple Mount could set the region ablaze.” Nasser replied, “A Jewish rabbi said that the Shin Bet is the reason for the problems between Jews and Muslims at Al-Aqsa.” 

This theme of "setting the region ablaze" or that the matter of Jewish rights on the Temple Mount is "explosive" has been the meme for denial of such rights despite the fact that many more other incidents have caused worse results.

The Shin Bet (GSS), the police and the political echelons should fulfill their obligations according to the law and strive for coexistence and human rights.  Those who break the law should be punished.

Nothing explosive there.


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