Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reading AB Yehoshua Lines

...Are the Palestinians too blind to understand that day after day, their territory is being devoured, territory that is also the first basis of their national identity? Doesn’t the occupation bother them? Don’t they understand that the Israeli moves being made on the West Bank are irreversible?...the dream of a binational state, the dream of a single state, is what comforts them in their pain and suffering. And this isn’t true only for Palestinians in the West Bank, but also for most of Israel’s Palestinian citizens…deep in their hearts they dream and hope, just like former Israeli minister Moshe Arens and his cronies, of a single, binational state…[which] will effectively become uninational because to this day they doubt the existence of a Jewish nationality and see Judaism as a religion only.
 For if the Palestinians had truly wanted, as they claim they do, to be liberated from the metastasizing occupation and establish a Palestinian state before it is too late, they should have aspired to a swift separation, division of the land and establishment of a border. They should have agreed to the 1967 borders and established an existing state recognized by the international community. They should have agreed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s baseless and meaningless demand and recognized Israel as the Jewish nation state – a recognition that has no practical implications – and stopped their incessant demand for the right of return, which they will never be able to realize. They should have agreed to territorial swaps, primarily in the area of Gush Etzion, and even agreed that a small minority of Jews would become citizens of the Palestinian state.
 Time is running out… instead of making haste they are digging in and delaying, because a different dream or delusion is nourishing them, and perhaps comforting them – the delusion of a single shared state…all the diligent and dedicated peace-seekers both in Israel and abroad would do well to internalize the fact that peace has tarried not only because of Israel’s binational delusion, but also because of the Palestinians’ binational delusion. Thus it’s hardly surprising that dealing with this double binationalism should prove such a complicated and frustrating task. And yet, despite everything, we must not despair.

That is so in-between.

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