Monday, September 29, 2014

How Did Harry Potter Die?

On 5th July 1939, a party from H.Q. Company, led by Captain P. H. Graves-Morris, encountered a small gang leaving Ad Daweina village. Fire was opened and one Arab wounded and captured. The village was occupied for 24 hours and, under pressure, eleven rifles, three revolvers and two shotguns were produced. Further visits yielded a total of thirty-four rifles, five revolvers and some S.A.A.— the largest haul of arms from any village in the Battalion area to date. Towards the end of July “A” Company moved to Sarafand and “B” Company handed over Beersheba to the civil police. On the evening of 22nd July, “D” Company, returning from As Samu, engaged an armed band at Kilo 39 on the Hebron-Beersheba road. This gang had earlier ambushed an R.A.F. armoured car. During the engagement Private Harry Potter (5251351) was killed and Privates Darby, Warwick, Pearson and Simmonds were wounded. Private Darby died of his wounds in hospital in Jerusalem on 7th September 1939. 

From the history of the Worcestershire regiment.

Fuller details for potter.

Oh, Ad Daweina is Duweima, where Amatzia is now:

On Duweima.


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