Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Star of David in Stone

I have commented on Amy Winehouse's Star of David pendant previously.

Now, it's permanently memorialized on her statue in stone, in Camden:

Let's hope the anti-Semites appreciate her music and leave it alone.


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MH • 2 minutes ago

We need you!

Veröffentlicht am September 15, 2014 von tapferimnirgendwo

A few years ago the Jerusalem Post published an article about Cologne’s tolerance of an egregious antisemitic installation in front of the Cologne cathedral.

Since a few weeks the killing of all Jews is called justified resistance in front of the Cologne Cathedral!

The actor and blogger, Gerd Buurmann,
has been battling with the Cologne authorities for years to have this
offensive exhibit removed. A reader of his blog wrote a letter to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) with a request for help. The only response she received was a mail claiming that the matter had been resolved.

She wrote a letter to Mr. Blizowsky,
Director of International Relations Tel Aviv, with the request to put
the city partnership with Cologne on hold or suspend it altogether until
the antisemitic exhibit is removed. Until today she received no
response from Mr. Blizowsky.
It is time for more people to ask the authorities of Tel Aviv why the city continues a......