Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jodi Ruderon is a Riot

Jodi Ruderon seems to be in dount, since she wrote this in today's NYTimes:

The authorities counted 42 “riots” — participants call them protests — on a single night in July. 

Now, to be fair, she at least should have encapsulated 'protests' also in quotes.

But, I wonder, what is her definition of riots that she would cast doubt on the police version?

In addition, this bit:

More than 300,000 of Jerusalem’s 830,000 residents are Palestinians. They are not citizens, but get social-welfare benefits from Israel and travel fairly freely. 

is misleading.

First, if they wanted to, they could, under certain conditions, become full citizens.  Their choice not to even apply. [that last section update thanks to SF]

Second, they are permanent residents of the state of Israel nad have the right to vote in municpal elections but not Knesset elections.  Not many do,

Third, what's behind points (1) and (2) are the fear, on the one hand of getting killed or injured or damaged from extremist elements among the Arabs and, on the other, their non-recogniton of Zionsim and Israel, two entities they despise.

Then she writes,

The Al Aqsa compound in the Old City has long been the site of sporadic clashes between Muslim and Jewish worshipers — and the troops that try to keep them apart.

Ms. Ruderon, it's the Temple Mount.  And if a "compound", then, at the least call it the Haram E-Sharif Compound.  Al Aqsa is one mosque therein.   And, as a friend mentioned to me, "I wonder if Rudoren can name even one instance in which Jewish worshipers attacked Muslims, or did anything to initiate 'clashes' with either Muslims or the police".  And they are not truly "troops" but policemen.  And "Jewish worshippers"?  Jews cannot worship there.  Why not point out that back-ver-backwards position of Israel's governments?

She's not a real journalist but she's a riot.

P.S.  She could have read now in Haaretz the truth:

Jerusalemis burningRioting and violence against Jews in Jerusalem is downplayed in the media and ignored by police.By Israel Harel   


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