Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who Is Setting a Fire?

Yesterday, fire was spotted near Tel Shiloh.

In response to a concerned resident who saw the smoke and inquired, the Shiloh residents' group-list was informed that some one was clearing his field of weeds with a controlled blaze.

Today we read:

Monday evening, May 13 2013; a group of extremist Israeli settlers set ablaze Palestinian olive orchards and farmlands that belong the villages of Qaryout, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.  Local sources reported that the armed settlers burnt the agricultural lands, and prevented the villagers from reaching their lands to put the fire off. Bashar Qaryouty, coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements in Qaryout village, reported that the burnt lands were planted with wheat and olive trees. Qaryouty added that the size of the torched lands is approximately 25 Dunams (6.17 Acres), and added that the Israeli army eventually called for an Israeli fire truck as the fires approached the Shiloh illegal settlement, built on the villagers’ lands.

More details, here:

dozens of settlers from the settlement of Shilo started the fire that burnt the land cultivated with barley, wheat, and olives.  He charged that the Israeli occupation forces provided protection for the settlers and blocked the land owners, 25 individuals, from extinguishing the fire.

The truth?

As I have posted here several times, after a long legal battle, the court judgment was that a plot of land directly north-west of the Tel of Shiloh, which the Arabs claimed as their's, which they never cultivated for over 30 years, and were supported by Rabbi's for Human Rights in their campaign, belonged to a certain Moskowitz (no, not Dr. Irwin).

In order to prevent the overgrowth from catching fire - or being purposely set ablaze - he initiated a controlled fire.

That's it.

No Arab trees, or bushes, field crops or anything else belonging to anyone from Qaryut was damgaed or burned or destroyed.

It's a fake story.  Untrue.  A lie.

Another Pallywood production.

They attempted to set a "fire" of black propaganda.



I checked the UN's OCHA report - PROTECTION OF CIVILIANS WEEKLY REPORT - and they seem not to have included this incident therein.


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