Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Will Drive the Muslims Wild

What a little photoshopping will do - stay tuned.

The actual photo provided so that you can see it was faked, despite proble Waqf insistence that it's real:

Oh, and these two gentlemen, despite the beard and yarmulke, are Muslim:


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Claude Armstrong said...

The more that time and the knowledge of Who Y'suah is, and Why His Tabernacle Temple was created, His Temple first constructed by Solomon, rebuilt by Babylon Refugees, then again rebuilt by a heathen to honor himself, the more I wonder WHY there is such clamor now over a "last" Temple to be built?

Oh, I don't discount Y'suah HaMasiach is coming to His tiny little Earth again, but He is to be The LIGHT of this World, and His Presence sitting inside a silly, man-formed Temple just does "NOT" 'cut it' for me anymore!

Why should the Master Of Life and Ancient of Days want, or 'need' Man to build Him a Temple, where His Glory is covered by human-formed hands? After all, He is eternal, and He is Spirit, and He is The Deity, and He is . . . well, what Is The Deity Not, other than covered?

So, When I read the Prophets' records of Master's New Temple, rather than assume He told them to write about a human-created silly little meeting house like Herod the miserable made to his own glory, I see a literal "HEAVEN" descending upon Earth, and it somehow blends in with the existing Y'rushalayim, where King above every king, Y'suah governs His little speck called Eretz, in His Grace and Truth.

How far off do you suppose this concept maybe?

Oh, BTW, I really like the "photoshopped" temple mount! Just think how awful it is to be when Y'suah Almighty places His Right FOOT on the Muslim's Satan Temple and it, and their Satan vanish!