Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Children's Ascent to Temple Mount Thwarted

Following up on my earlier report, some 100 children who planned to tour the Temple Mount this morning were denied entrance.  Police closed the Mount to all non-Muslims.


And now the JPost report:

Jerusalem Police on Thursday closed the Temple Mount to visitors due to the sensitivity created in recent days.

The police stated that they would act forcefully against any party who violates the order.




From Jordan, on:

threats by extremist settlers to storm the mosque, according to Palestinian sources.  The settlers want to storm the mosque in order to organise what they are calling a pilgrimage for their youths.

The sources added that small groups of Israeli settlers moved into Al-Aqsa compound from "Bab Al Maghariba" (Maghariba Gate), protected by Israeli special police. Furthermore, the Israeli troops stationed at the outer gates of Al-Aqsa compound are scrutinizing Palestinian worshippers’ ID cards in an attempt to hinder them from entering the compound.

Meanwhile, the extremist Jewish rabbi, Yisrael Ariel, stormed Al-Aqsa mosque earlier in the day, along with a group of Jewish extremists from Kiryat Arba – a settlement on the outskirts of Hebron.

Rabbi Ariel was escorted by the Israeli police during his tour of Al-Aqsa compound.

Earlier, the rabbi had announced that he would storm Al-Aqsa Mosque to mark what they call the "Torah Revelation".


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Anonymous said...

this appeasement to those who aim to kill us is appalling and not the Jewish way. We need Kahane now.