Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another Temple Mount Photoshop

The Temple Mount was closed this morning
to all non-Muslims on order from the
Jerusalem Police Chief and we can only surmise
that the Muslim threats worked.

Following up on this post, this photoshopped postcard was first produced around 1978:

Let's not forget this:

the second bloody massacre of Jews by the Arabs took place, in 1929. The story put about that the Jews planned to tear down the Mosque of Omar, and to rebuild the Temple on the site – a tactic that has been used to arouse the Arabs to this day.

Zionist literature published throughout the world used the imagery of a domed structure on the Temple Mount to symbolize their national aspirations. Zionists had appropriated an Islamic minaret from the Ottoman period on the old city wall as a symbol for their propaganda. A Zionist flag was depicted atop of a building very reminiscent of the Dome of the Rock in one publication, which was later picked up and redistributed by Arab propagandists.

see here

Haj Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem distributed leaflets to Arabs in Palestine and throughout the Arab world which claimed that the Jews were planning to take over the al-Aqsa Mosque. The leaflet stated that the Government was "responsible for any consequences of any measures which the Moslems may adopt for the purpose of defending the holy Burak themselves in the event of the failure of the Government…to prevent any such intrusion on the part of the Jews." A memorandum issued by the Moslem Supreme Council stated, "Having realized by bitter experience the unlimited greedy aspirations of the Jews in this respect, Moslems believe that the Jews’ aim is to take possession of the Mosque of Al-Aqsa gradually on the pretence that it is the Temple", and it advised the Jews "to stop this hostile propaganda which will naturally engender a parallel action in the whole Moslem world, the responsibility for which will rest with the Jews".

There is this testimony, too, from the book "Days of our Years" by Pierre van Paassen (Hillman-Curl Inc, 1939), page 360:

Upon receipt of Mr. Vincent Sheean's dispatch from Jerusalem, wherein a minor disturbance at the Wailing Wall was attributed to the provocative attitude of young "Jewish Fascists," the publisher of my paper, no doubt perturbed by the storm of indignation the story produced in American Jewish circles, instructed me to proceed posthaste from Paris to Palestine and investigate. The New York Jewish community, which had for years been thoroughly informed on day-by-day events in the Holy Land by a corps of resident correspondents representing the three great Yiddish dailies, unanimously rejected Mr. Sheean's interpretation that a parade by a troop of Jewish boy scouts in the vicinity of the Wailing Wall had been responsible for the outbreak of the disturbances. That incident, these journals argued (and they were subsequently proved correct), had been a mere subterfuge on which the Arabs had seized to bring their long-smoldering revolt to a head. In fact, no person even superficially acquainted with Jewish aims in the Holy Land and with the eminently humane record the Jews had established in their dealings with the Arabs, could possibly believe that the Palestinian Jews in one moment deliberately destroyed what they had striven for long years to establish: a close collaboration with the Arab population as the sole basis for a successful restoration of the Jewish land.

Those who remembered what had happened eight years earlier realized at once that the party of Arab landlords, headed by the Mufti of Jerusalem who had been sentenced to ten years of labor in 1921 for incitement to riot and soon thereafter amnestied by a Jewish High Commissioner, had returned to the attack. The flag-waving incident at the Wall had been as good a device as any to throw sand in the eyes of public opinion. Clever propagandists easily - and did - magnify this intrinsically insignificant demonstration on the part of children into a challenge of Jewish chauvinists. The Mufti had carefully prepared the stage for what was to follow: early in the upheaval of 1929, foreign public opinion was provided with a false premise on which to judge later developments.

And contemporary fanaticism:

A senior Palestinian official called for protecting Al-Aqsa Mosque from a “new Nakba” threatening it due to the occupation practices that aim to impose Jewish control over it in preparation to demolish it and build the alleged temple on its ruins.

Yousef Edais, head of the Supreme Council of the Islamic courts in Palestine, called on the residents of Jerusalem and the 1948-occupied territories to intensify their presence in Al-Aqsa Mosque, in order to confront the repeated raids into its courtyards by the settlers and the extremist Jewish groups.

Edais said in a statement on Wednesday that Al-Aqsa Mosque has been witnessing daily raids by Jewish groups under the protection of the Israeli police, warning of attempts to divide it as they did in the Ibrahimi Mosque. He warned of a scheme made by settlers’ leaders and senior Jewish rabbis to divide Al-Aqsa; stressing that it is a purely Islamic endowment and that the Jews have no right in it.

They have no bounds.


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Jews need to reclaim the Temple Mount that is our ground Zero. If we cannot fight for this most sacred holy place for our people. then what good are we? G-d must be shedding crocodile tears right now.