Thursday, July 12, 2012

Peter Beinart Dabbles in Anti-Semitism

In allowing this article to be posted at his site, Peter Beinart is dabbling in salon anti-Semitism, or journalism anti-Semitism.  He has a responsibility as an editor.  And he failed.

Woe to the liberalism that tolerates hatred spamming.

Woe to a Jew who needs to "balance".

Woe to such "openness" which is actually emptiness.

P.S.  I left this comment there:

This - "when it comes to the peace process we all know the cause of death; unending Israeli colonization—perhaps they will call the next settlement Polonium Adumim" - is horrendous. That an editor would allow it to go through, even in the spirit of balance and freedom of expression, is intolerable.

The peace process, instead of starting in 1919 between Feisal and Weizmann, went to riots, pogroms, terror, murder, rape and theft from Tel Hai & Jerusalem in 1920, Jaffa & Petah Tikva in 1921, Hebron, Tzfat, etc. 1929, 1936-1939, 1948 - ethnic cleansing from Hebron, Gaza, Shchem, Jenin, Neveh Yaakov, Qalya, Gush Etzion, etc. Then on to fedayeen, then on to Fatah to Hamas to Islamic Jihad.

Arabs caused death of Jews as Jews before "occupation", "colonization", "settlements" and what not. "Peace"? Oh, please. Not Peace Now, not Peace Then, and no Peace Tomorrow.

But to accuse Jews of poisoning? Like those school girls in Hebron a decade or more ago? That Gaza bubblegum? Do we despoil the soil? Are we causing cancer, to the land, to the residents? This is the level of intellectual discourse at this site?

Or is there a darker side? Anti-Semitic dabbling in the salon? How open is this blog center?

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