Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New UK Temple Mount Campaign

Update on the new UK pro-Temple Mount campaign:

  1. The page on our website has been updated - please see for more details:
  2. Please sign our petition: and publicise it as widely as possible. The aim is to reach at least 10,000, at which point we will deliver hard copies to UNESCO, the British Foreign Office and, ideally, to various government agencies across the world.
  3. We have launched a Facebook page/group ( which I encourage you to join and to share as widely as possible. The point of this page is to centralise the campaign and to concentrate our message. I really would like to get as many potential activists on board as possible, and I want this to be the communications hub.
  4. We have designed a 'PicBadge' ( aimed at raising awareness and increasing identification with the cause. Once again, please upload the PicBadge onto your profile and encourage others to do the same.


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