Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Season of Archaeological Digging at Tel Shiloh

A new season of excavations has begun at Tel Shiloh and at a new location, the north-east section of the plateau, north of the summit. I cannot as yet report on particulars but here are some pictures I took:

a) going down:

b) what's at the bottom of that cistern?

c) to where are those steps leading?

d) can you discern the lining of a taboun, which is a clay-lined oven built into the ground?

(photo credits: YMedad)

The season will extend until October or when the rains come.

Details to be forthcoming about any significant finds.

P.S.   Could this be part of an anti-UNESCO campaign?  Remember the infamous "chicken bones" tale from the PA's Director of Archaeology? Background here, also here, and here


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jewaicious said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely captures of the dig.