Saturday, April 21, 2012

Adler's Short Way to Negativism

On April 20, this letter by James Adler of Cambridge, Mass., was published at the New York Times/IHT website, entitled Israel and the Activists:-

Regarding “Israel blocks campaigners from visiting West Bank” (April 17):

Israel’s public relations and human rights problem is that the world’s attention is mainly drawn to three issues, namely the transgression of international borders and occupation of other people’s land; domestic human rights violations that are systematic, official, long-term, and ethnic or religious in nature; and genocide. Unfortunately, Israel’s policies happen to combine two of the three main attention-grabbing irritants: border transgressions and occupation, and systematic policies based on race and religion. This goes a long way to explaining Israel’s conflict with human rights activists.

He has published letter before, for example here.  And I have criticized him previously.

If anything is an irritant, it is Adler's method.  He doesn't say outright Israel is doing anything wrong and surely doesn't illustrate how Israel isn't doing anything that should merit such abusive treatment by "human rights activists" or such a negative press.  What he does do is write that Israel's policies "combine...attention-grabbing irritants".  They don't, really.  And by ignoring anything that happens on the other side, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, etc., he conveniently encourages such negative media coverage by permitting the real negative irritant to be hidden  and therefore, ignored.

He takes the short way to undermine Israel.


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