Friday, April 20, 2012

Feminism Gone Wild or Nosey N?

Haaretz pumped up a first-page story of wild sex on the beach and that it was rape.

...A government worker who says she witnessed the gang rape of a mentally ill young woman on a Tel Aviv beach in broad daylight insists that police never responded to her report of the incident, while police say they responded and saw nothing. The ongoing sexual activity on Bograshov Beach that N. described to Haaretz was similarly described by employees of a nearby restaurant, though none of the employees thought to call police, as N. did.

The incident occurred two weeks ago, when N., a Jerusalem resident who works in the State Prosecutor's Office, took a day off and went with a friend to Tel Aviv...At some point, N. and her friend noticed a circle of people who had gathered not far from them. They were mostly men and a few young women, who seemed to be applauding and cheering something going on inside the circle.

After a few minutes, a young woman and one of the men came out of the circle and walked toward the water. As they got a bit closer, N. noticed that the woman was wearing a blouse and a jacket, but was naked from the waist down. Within seconds, N. saw the two have intercourse right on the shore, with everyone in the vicinity looking on. They then got up and went back to the circle.

N. decided to find out what was going on and she and her friend moved their towels closer to the circle..."After those two came back to the circle, other men started stroking the girl and convinced her to remain. Each one, after speaking to her for a couple of minutes, proceeded to have sex with her within the circle."  At a later stage, she said, some of the men started shouting, "Anyone who wants oral sex can pay a shekel and get in line."...apparently because it looked like the girl was agreeing to it," N. said. "At no point did she scream; she was actually laughing the whole time. But I wanted to put a stop to it." She approached the men in the circle and started to tell them off.  "I tried to talk the girl into leaving, but she started screaming at me, and said 'I'm a free woman, I'll do what I want with my body.'...But from the short conversation N. had with her, it was clear that the woman was mentally disturbed. Being familiar with the law, N. knew that this could turn what on the surface seemed like consensual sex into the gang rape of a helpless person...Shortly after 3 P.M., N. called 100 to report the incident. "I didn't tell the operator that it was rape, because it still wasn't clear what was going on, but I told her that there's a woman on Bograshov Beach having sex with a lot of men on the beach. I figured she'd understand it was rape from the way I described it."

Well, the extreme Left here had taken this on and at this Facebook page, you can see (in Hebrew) a call for action.

Between 1:30-4 there'll be a gathering of "Prayer and "Protest at the Loss of Human Dignity" at Bograshov Beach, Tel Aviv.  And so far, 151 people will be attending it seems.
However, it turns out the lady was a hooker on a day off (so far, Hebrew source) and was offering, of her own free will, freebies.

If I am not mistaken, women's liberation does provide for a woman to control her own boby, including granting sexual favors.

Nows, I am not implying that N. was a nutty prude.  But, coming from the State Prosecutor's Office I think it might have been that she felt she could throw her legal weight around and interfere.  Or, she just did not know what was going on.

In any case, the police are now dealing with the issue after Haaretz put it up as front page news.


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