Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Haaretz Poem: "Auschwitz Settlements"

At my Hebrew-language blog, I have posted an outrageous poem by Amir Or entitled "And The City Overturns", recalling Ninveh:

 וְנִינְוֵה נֶהְפָּכֶת
and Nineveh shall be overthrown

It is a cry from the extreme left-wing, on social issues, politics and whatever else fits his agenda. A placard of propaganda.

Amongst his objects of scorn and distaste, are

"...rats and men,
eyes that are cast down at roadblocks,
the dead, conquerors of the hill-country,
a picture-reflection of their homeland,
with its Auschwitz settlements, and Masada settlements,
the Holocaust that was, and that will be...
...the Kaddish of our graves and the Kadish of their grave.

And let us not say Amen, and let us not speak in their language,
And let us not go any more according to their method, their statutes, their crimes...".

Contemporary culture on the pages of Haaretz.


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NormanF said...

The Hebrew Gunther Grass.

Haaretz sees nothing wrong with promoting anti-Semitism on the eve of Israel Memorial Day.

That is how low the cultural standards have fallen at the self-proclaimed newspaper for "thinking Israelis," in truth the Hebrew Palestinian daily.

With friends like Haaretz, Israel doesn't need enemies.