Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scenes From the Continuing Excavations at Tel Shiloh

Scenes from the new excavations at Tel Shiloh from my visit today:

a) a new group of volunteers from the Maaleh Efraim Mechina:

b) they have begun at the southern entrance to the Tel area are are working their way up:

c) the most interesting discovery this week is this room within the late Byzantine structure:

d) let me be more specific.  the encircled-in-red room is a secret hiding place within the building which was sealed by a large circular stone which was rolled across the entrance to seal it off in case of attack:

e)  archaeological work can be difficult; patience is needed to go through everything:

f) it seems that there is an earlier floor here that continues under the large Byzantine structure and it is from the late Roman period:


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