Monday, September 12, 2011

Deflated Demography Data


Fertility rate has also declined by 28.8% during the past 10 years, where it was 5.9 births per woman in the year 2000 it dropped to 4.2 births per woman in 2010 - 3.8 births per woman in West Bank and 4.9 births per woman in Gaza Strip.


And this:

Moreover, In 2010, 52.5% of married women aged 15-49 in the Palestinian Territory were using a form of family planning; 55.1% in West Bank and 48.1% in Gaza Strip. Bethlehem governorate reported the highest use of family planning at 65.2%, while Rafah governorate reported the lowest at 43.1%. The use of forms of family planning increased by 2.1% during the past 10 years in the Palestinian Territory compared to 51.4% in 2000.

The report said, 19.3% of married women aged 15-49 in the Palestinian Territory reported unmet needs for family planning (10.2% for spacing and 9.1% for limiting) in 2010: 18.7% in West Bank and 20.4% in Gaza Strip. This percentage increased by 55.6% over the past 10 years compared to 12.4% in 2006.

What happened to that "ticking womb bomb"?

This one:

Anyway, the "biological bomb" that Israelis are biting their fingernails over these days does not belong to Saddam. It belongs to Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasir Arafat. He boasts about it all the time.

"The womb of the Arab woman," Arafat says smugly, promising ultimate victory over the Jews, "is my strongest weapon."

Or this one.

But previously debunked.

And now, a figurative nail in that...cradle.




Yoram Ettinger's take.

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