Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jewish [& Google] Wedding Story (Long Time A-Coming)

Haven't posted my Jewish wedding stories in a while so here's today's:-

Rubin and Karp

Anne Merrill Rubin, a manager with Facebook, and Aaron Benjamin Karp, a manager with Google, were married Saturday evening at the River Café in Brooklyn. Rabbi Sheila Goloboy officiated.

...The couple met in Florence, Italy, in January 2005, while studying abroad through New York University.

“He was the only boy in our photography class,” Ms. Rubin said. “I thought he was really cute. He told me he had to leave a little bit early that semester for his brother’s bar mitzvah, and I was like ‘Oh, you’re Jewish?’ We ended up bonding over all things Jewish — it was a little embarrassing and dorky.”

After the semester, they returned to internships in New York and went on their first date to the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village.

"I think we were a little shocked at how well that first date had gone," Ms. Rubin said. “We had been just friends in Italy, and now it seemed we were together in a more romantic context and sparks just started to fly.” Upon graduation, Mr. Karp was hired by Google and moved to Manhattan. Eight months later, Ms. Rubin joined Google, too [and then moved to Facebook].

...In August 2008, they moved in together, into a 550-square-foot studio in Manhattan.

“It was such a small, confined space,” Ms. Rubin said. “If that’s not marriage boot camp, I don’t know what is.”

They have since moved into a much bigger apartment in Brooklyn.

“I’m so excited to have walls and doors for the first time,” Ms. Rubin said.

Mr. Karp noted that “our living room is comically under-furnished with the furniture from our Manhattan apartment.”

But the new place, he added, is complete with the two most important items.

“She and I,” Mr. Karp said
. “That’s all that really matters.”

Hey, what about the mezuzah?


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