Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Solve The Israel-Arab Conflict

Maybe "Past Life Regression Therapy"?

PLRT is based on the assumption that our past lives haunt us, and that drawing them forth through hypnosis and exorcising them can help resolve problems in this life.

Here is an amazing description:

Find a quiet place . . . free of distractions.

Adjust the lighting and room temperature.
Adjust clothing . . . footwear . . . eyeglasses. Sit down or lie down . . .
Find a position that is comfortable for you.
Quiet your mind . . . Still your thoughts
Relax your body. . .
Your face . . . your jaw . . . relaxing . . .
Your shoulders . . . your neck . . . relaxed . . .
Your arms . . . your hands . . . feel at peace . . .
Your torso . . . your hips . . . letting go.
Your legs . . . your feet . . . totally relaxed.
Focus on your breathing.
Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose.
Retain the breath as long as is comfortable.
Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely.
Repeat for two more breaths . . . or as is comfortable.
See before you a round magic clock.
It denotes dates and marks time.
It is your clock.
Watch the hands as they slowly begin to move backward . . .
The further back they go ... the faster they move.
You relax and watch time.
Suddenly you feel your soul wanting to stop!
Mentally you think Stop!
The clock begins to slow down ...
Slower and slower until it stops.
You look around.
Is it daytime? evening?
You look at your surroundings . . .
What do you see?
You look down at yourself noticing your attire . . .
When you return to present time
please make notes about what you experience
On top of your page put the day, date . .
and don't forget 'time'!
You may also travel to see yourself in a parallel reality
future timeline
other aspects of your soul.

There's a caveat:
Past life regression (PLR) is the alleged journeying into one's past lives while hypnotized. While it is true that many patients recall past lives, it is highly probable that their memories are false memories. The memories are from experiences in this life, pure products of the imagination, intentional or unintentional suggestions from the hypnotist, or confabulations.

Some New Age therapists do PLR therapy under the guise of personal growth; others under the guise of healing. As a tool for New Age explorers, there may be little harm in encouraging people to remember what are probably false memories about their living in earlier centuries or for encouraging them to go forward in time and glimpse into the future. But as a method of healing, it must be apparent even to the most superficial of therapists that there are great dangers in encouraging patients to create delusions. Some false memories may be harmless, but others can be devastating. They can increase a person's suffering, as well as destroy loving relationships with family members.

And another, the danger of

'past-life' memories could easily be nothing but a mixture of remembered tales and strong, symbolically colored emotions

Or this
a vivid imagination, a confused memory, fraud, or a combination of the three

Oops.  We have enough of that with the Arabs now.


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