Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh, So Someone Doesn't Like Opera

Edalat Square is an opera based on the true story of two gays teens who were hung in Iran in 2005 for homosexuality.

The Opera Vista Festival at UH is featuring the piece this year, and organizers say they expected some controversy. It's arrived, in the form of a death threat.

Amy Hopper, founding director of the Nova Arts Project (also involved in producing the festival), says she received a note in her mailbox saying this: "You are pigs to mix Islam with gays. You must stop! We will not let you do it."



Manya Shochet said...

"Hanged". The word is "hanged".

YMedad said...

You're correct but it was in a quote, so I left it. Don't want to mess up an original.

Manya Shochet said...

In that case, you should put it in brackets. No doubt they'd be easier to hang in brackets anyway.