Thursday, April 05, 2007

What's Missing in This Story?

Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Trying to Plant a Bomb in Gaza


JERUSALEM, April 4 — Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian who was trying to plant explosives in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday, Palestinian and Israeli officials said. It was the second clash in a week in the area near Beit Hanoun, a site from which rockets have frequently been fired toward Israel, despite a tenuous cease-fire since November.

An Israeli Army spokesman said that three men had been spotted putting a bomb near the fence between Israel and Gaza. The Israeli troops opened fire, then the militants detonated two explosives, the spokesman said. It was unclear whether the explosives had caused any damage, but the spokesman said no soldiers had been wounded.

Hint: it's a NYTimes' story.

Hint: it's missing in the headline.

Hint: it's missing in the opening paragraph.

Still haven't got it?

Okay. It's the word "militant" (G-d forbid the term "terrorist").

It's there in the 4th sentence but in a fairly nebulous, wishy-washy fashion: 'the militants'.

Wishy-washy. Naw. White-washing.


Anonymous said...

I think this one is a bit unfair. Give credit to readers of the NYT. The headline says "Trying to Plant a Bomb". Thats negative enough...

YMedad said...

Hello? Did you read the story?

"then the militants detonated". In other words, the thought behind the headline and the thinking that calls an explosives' detonator but a "militant", in my mind, is corrupt and biased.