Monday, April 16, 2007

A Former BBC Reporter

A native Gaelic speaker, Mr [Angus] MacNeil worked as a BBC reporter and a primary school teacher before becoming an MP.



MP admits hotel romp

A DRUNKEN three-on-a-bed romp involving MP Angus MacNeil and two teenage girls may have taken place in Orkney rather than Shetland, it emerged this week.

On Sunday a national newspaper revealed that the incident took place in a hotel room in Shetland during the Island Games in July 2005, only months after Mr MacNeil was elected as SNP MP for the Western Isles.

According to the Sunday Mail, Mr MacNeil met the two girls during a pub crawl in Shetland and bought them drinks before inviting them to his hotel room.

..."We were having a good time and when he asked us to go to his room we said yes. We got to his room and we were having a giggle and he was being very suggestive.

"He took off some of his clothes..."We all ended up kissing and cuddling together... but we did not have full sex: we were all too drunk.

Mr MacNeil's wife Jane was heavily pregnant at the time and gave birth to a daughter a few weeks after the sleazy encounter.

Forced into making a humiliating apology, the lovecheat MP said the incident had been an error of judgment.

He said: "I bitterly regret that this incident occurred and I apologise to my family for causing them embarrassment and hurt.

"I also apologise to the young women involved and their families. I really should have known very much better.

So, did being a BBC reporter have anything to do with this?

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