Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Melanie Mashes Media Bias

Why labor when Melanie Phillips does it so well. Well, almost. See after her post my addition.

The deadly double standard of the anti-Israel media

...HonestReporting.com points out the astounding-if-it-wasn’t-so-routine fact that, while the western media insist that the Palestinians have maintained a ‘cease-fire’ against Israel for the past five months, the following Palestinian terrorist incidents have taken place:

• Islamic Jihad terrorist captured near Tel Aviv after his bomb belt fails to detonate
• Palestinian bride arrested on suspicion of planning to carry out suicide bombing
• 3 Israelis injured in shooting attack near Modi’in
• Hamas calls for further kidnappings of Israeli soldiers
• Israeli cars shot at in West Bank
• Israeli civilian wounded in West Bank drive-by shooting
• Arrests prevent huge Hamas-planned car bomb in Tel Aviv
• Egypt arrests would-be Hamas suicide bomber near Israeli border
• Palestinian rockets hit Sderot home; several Israelis treated for shock

Indeed, as in this typical Associated Press story, the media claim the existence of this Palestinian ‘cease-fire’ while in the very same story recording the never-ending Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel.

The inescapable implication of this systematic and mind-twisting denial of Palestinian military aggression and equally systematic concentration on Israeli measures to counter it is that such Palestinian attacks aren’t considered to be attacks at all because their targets are Israelis, whose own self-defence is thus characterised falsely as aggression...and Israel continues to be wickedly demonised in the eyes of the western world.

But that was based on a story from two days ago. What are we now to do with this story:-

Hamas Says Truce With Israel Is Over

Published: April 24, 2007
Filed at 6:28 a.m. ET

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- Hamas militants fired a barrage of rockets and mortar shells toward Israel on Tuesday and said they considered a five-month truce with Israel to have come to an end.

Tuesday's rocket attack, which came on Israel's 59th Independence Day, did not cause any damage or injury. However, it marked the first time Hamas openly acknowledged firing shells toward Israel since agreeing to a cease-fire along the Gaza-Israel border in November.

So, only yesterday did the truce stop?

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