Saturday, October 22, 2005

So Stupid When You Think About It

I found these comments on a "Palestinian" blog, reporting on a recent action at the Bil'in village:

Shebab (young Palestinian men and boys) piled large rocks on the road to block the jeeps, and then began throwing stones and using slingshots to defensively drive the soldiers out of the village.

So, in a non-violent activity, you can take violent defensive measures? I haven't read about this before and I have read a lot about non-violence.

But, wait, did you hear the one about the new chemical Israeli bullet?

The soldiers fired teargas, rubber-coated bullets, and a new experimental bullet that contains chemicals and explodes on impact to cause a large bruise and internal bleeding.

Wow. Chemical warfare.

But let's get back to that stone-throwing. How "defensive" was this?

Well, let "Joe" tell us:-

While down with the soldiers, another activist and I interfered with the soldiers firing rubber-coated bullets at the shebab...While an Israeli soldier held me from behind and pushed me roughly, a large rock hurled from one of the shebab’s slingshots struck me just below the ribs...The soldier quickly pushed me away and I ran from the area to avoid getting hit by any other rocks. Shebab quickly came over to me and apologized and tried to help me up the hill, but I insisted they stay and continue defending their village. I quickly found the paramedics who treated the flesh wound, and later took me to a hospital in Ramallah.

X-rays determined that my ribs weren’t cracked or broken so I filled the prescription for an anti-inflammatory and went back to the ISM flat to rest. I found myself in an overwhelming amount of pain; I could barely breathe and couldn’t sit or stand up without almost fainting. After about six hours of anguish, I went back to the hospital and demanded they admit me and knock me out. Doped up on plenty of Tramadole and an IV, I slept like a baby. The next morning, an ultra-sound located a rupture in my spleen and internal bleeding. They thought it might heal on its own, but after a day of continued bleeding they had to operate to keep me from bleeding to death.

Well, thanks for let the whole world know that stones can kill.

P.S. Searching around, I found it that "Joe" is Joe Carr.

And this was his comment left out of the blog I quoted from above:

I completely affirm Palestinians right to resist Israeli colonial occupation. Palestinians have the right to do much more than throw rocks at soldiers committing colonial genocide, and they must if they are to survive. Boys with rocks are hardly a match for the Israeli Military heavily stocked with the US’s most deadly weapons, so it is my responsibility to help protect these boys as they symbolically resist.

My only regret, is that right now it isn’t that colonial soldier lying in this hospital bed.

I guess the best I can wish him is continued "Palestinian" medical treatment.

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