Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another One That Didn't Get Published

This was a letter of mine sent in to The London Jewish Chronicle. It didn't appear, so, for your benefit, here it is. It's self-explanatory.

Robi Damelin, on a visit to England together with an Arab woman whose sister was killed, stated that the sniper who killed her son David, shot at a roadside checkpoint, did so because he was a symbol of the occupation but "didn't kill the right person." (Bereaved families peace project, Sept. 23).

Who was the "right person" one wonders. Was it a female teacher returning home? A Rabbi traveling to his Yeshiva?

Was it the 5 month old baby whose head was crushed by a rock? The bride blown up one day before her wedding? The teenager cut down in a fussilade of bullets on the basketball court of his school? Or any of the hundreds of other Israelis, foreign workers, tourists and other Arabs killed by Arab terrorists who rejected a more-than-generous peace offer in 2000?

Indeed, is Ms. Damelin the right person to be talking about peace?

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