Monday, October 24, 2005

The Police are Mistaken

On Friday, Maariv newspaper, relating to the error in Justice Cheshin's decision, reported that a police spokesperson said that they knew it was a mistake because since 1967 no Jew has ever prayed on the Temple Mount nor ever will.

Well, in 1978, 11 Jews assembled in front of the El Aksa Mosque and prayed mincha. In the picture posted here, you can see 9, while the tenth is off to the side and the 11th is taking the picture.

Their identifications:
(left to right)
Shabbtei Zechariah
Danny Har-Habayit (Tzvi Shohami-Finkelstein) z"l
Yoel Kimchi z"l
HaRav Moshe Tzvi Segel zt"l
Shimon Barmatz
Gershon Solomon
Yehoshua Dueive
Yisrael Medad [yours truly]
Zev Bar-Tov
Yosef Elbaum [out of frame]

It also appears in Rav Segel's autobiography "Dor Dorshav" which was published by the Defence Ministry.


Chriswab said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

NG said...

Awesome picture!

Cosmic X said...

Did you read Ezra "Elnakam" Yachin's book about Danny Har-Habayit, "Yibane!"? It's great, and so is his book "Elnakam" which is about himself.