Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Prayer on the Temple Mount Permitted?

In the fifth paragraph of the High Court of Justice's decision of October 16, 2005, Justice Misha'el Cheshin writes that

in order to separate properly between the two camps [the Muslims who are praying and the Jews who are praying - YM], the Jerusalem Police Commander has decided to permit Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount only until 9 AM...and we cannot say that permission for Jews to pray until 9 AM is not unreasonable... [instead of until 10:30 AM as the Temple Mount Faithfull had requested - YM]

Aviad Visouli of Haifa notes that this is a precedent.

I don't want to dampen things, especially as I have been attempting to pray on the Temple Mount since 1970, but my guess is that it is a slip of the pen and will, somehow soon, be corrected.

(Here is a picture of me unceremoniously being removed from the Temple Mount in July 1971.)

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