Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And That's Another Reason

The New York Times is supporting Ariel Sharon. the current reality of the Middle East, Mr. Sharon has just boldly gone where Mr. Netanyahu fears to tread. Mr. Sharon's withdrawal of Israeli settlers from Gaza, completed last week, was a historic shift that should be acknowledged and extended.

Now that Mr. Sharon has demonstrated that he is able to carry out a territorial compromise, a necessity if there will ever be any chance for peace, he needs to extend the principle from Gaza to the crucially important West Bank. Members of the Likud Party would be foolish and shortsighted to punish him for the Gaza withdrawal and thus reduce the chances of any further progress toward peace. If they do, they may well deprive their party of any chance of leading Israel to the peace and security that it wants and deserves.

That's it. That's the last straw.
If the NYT is supporting him, that's one of the best reasons to desire his removal from office as fast as possible.

If the United States tried to impeach a president for fooling around with a young female, Sharon's fooling around with an ancient homeland is more than a very good reason, not to mention the country's security, its diplomatic standing and its ability to remain the Jewish national home.


Milhouse said...

Not to detract from your point, which is 100% valid, but I can't let this go by without protest: President Clinton was not impeached for his sexual misconduct. That was not one of the four counts against him, nor did it play any part whatsoever in the campaign against him. I don't recall any Republican even mentioning it as a reason to impeach him; the only public figures I recall denouncing him for it were Democrats, who vigorously denounced his behaviour but opposed his impeachment. I believe this was a deliberate strategy on their part, to make the issue Lewinsky instead of perjury and obstruction of justice.

The simple fact is that Clinton was impeached, and should have been convicted, because he was guilty of crimes which would have landed him in jail had he not been politically connected. Not because he was fooling around with a consenting adult who was not his wife.

YMedad said...

Well, technically, it started as a result of another dalliance with Paula Jones but according to this site
Lewisnky very quickly came into the picture.