Friday, July 12, 2013

The Brits: In The Dark; Seeking the Light

The British Embassy Tel Aviv is looking to hire an experienced and qualified implementer to carry out a public opinion research project into Israeli attitudes to resolving the conflict with the Palestinians. The project will be funded through the Conflict Pool, and will deliver research, analysis and recommendations as to how best to leverage UK influence in support of the peace process.


Polling of Israeli public opinion consistently indicates that the majority of the population supports a two state solution. But that polling also shows a public currently deeply sceptical about the prospect or possibility of a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The UK is keen to understand these attitudes, and in particular the drivers behind them.


This project would take existing polling as the baseline and conduct new research to identify and test, analyse and recommend key messages, messengers and strategies to allow the UK (and others) to communicate more effectively messages on the urgency and importance of peace to the Israeli public.   


The total budget must not exceed £100,000. When assessing bids, the British Embassy will pay particular attention to value for money. Budget lines should be itemised and grouped by activity and costs transparent (see template and sample budget attached). The budget can include up to 7% overhead as allowable costs. The budget should be expressed in Pounds Sterling (GBP).


9 months from signature of contract.



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