Friday, July 12, 2013

Nel Burden - The Pathology of Arab Propaganda Servants

Nel Burden is employed by Iran's Press TV.

and that's an improvement from a previous appearance and comportment:


To see how pathological she can be, watch this short clip and ask yourself:

a) if the subject is the Temple Mount, why is there not one shot from inside the Haram courtyard?

b) does the Mosque actually cover the Western Wall plaza?

c)  what place does this description fit - "The settlers shout and laugh out loud and show no respect for the place."?



Anonymous said...

As an American who frequently travels to Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories, I take issue with your analysis. Israeli settlers frequently engage in violent provocations at the al Aqsa mosque which is holy ground for Muslim Palestinians. I noticed that you refer to Ms Burden as an "Arab" propagandist- why not use the term pro-Palestinian? Is she a propagandist because her reports speak the truth? What seems to bother you is that Burden's reports show another side to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict not in line the the U.S. and Israeli mainstream media.

I noticed that you work for the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. Begin was a leader of the Irgun, a leading terrorist group responsible for killing many British soldier in the 1940's and for blowing up the King David hotel killing many innocents. Begin was even condemned by David Ben Gurion for hurting the Zionist cause. It's ironic that you are affiliated with an organization that bears Begin's name, yet you condemn Palestinians for speaking out against the illegal annexation and colonization of their land. Even former IDF soldiers with a conscience are speaking out against the brutality of the occupation; check out their website:

I look forward to more reports from Nel Burden on Press TV.

YMedad said...

"violent provocations at the al Aqsa mosque which is holy ground for Muslim Palestinians"

if Nel is spouting BS, you're doing a PHD
= Piled Higher & Deeper.

Oren Kessler said...

Iran is not Arab.

YMedad said...

True. But the elements of the propaganda she was making and contributing to were not serving Iran as much as the Arab propaganda against Israel.