Saturday, July 13, 2013

Egypt's "Palestinian Exodus"

EH sent me this

It's composed by Youseff Ibrahim who, back in 2006 already was promoting a new position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that, basically, 

tells the Palestinians that the armed struggle against Israel is over and that the Palestinians, who lost, should negotiate in order to ensure the future of their children.

Ibrahim is a senior Egyptian journalist who served for 24 years as a senior reporter for the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and had interviewed almost every Arab leader during those years. Since 2001 Ibrhim serves as a member of the "Council on Foreign Relations," a Think-Tank in New York.

His volte-face is that

the Arab world can continue to stand by the Palestinians ‘until it is blue in the face,’ but most ‘clever’ Arabs have abandoned the notion of the Palestinian conflict and the eternal struggle against Israel.

Excerpts from his latest:

After evicting the Muslim Brotherhood from power, the second Egyptian revolution is rallying for what could be an historic act — divorce from all things Palestinian.  A number of influential voices are now calling for an expulsion of Palestinians from Egypt’s military and police academies and its universities, a suspension of visas to all Palestinians, and an end of mediation between bickering Palestinian factions and in the Israeli-Palestinian ‘’peace process’’. The focus is on the Gaza strip...

It has been alleged by spokesmen of the Tamaroud, or Rebel Movement, in Cairo and Alexandria that Hamas fighters joined President Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood in attacking and killing secular demonstrators in several places. These include Tahrir square, around Mr. Morsi’s erstwhile presidential palace in the suburb of Heliopolis and elsewhere in Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said and Suez...
  • On Thursday Ahmad Al Zend, president of the Egyptian Judges' Club (Nadi al Quda), founded in 1939 as the main association of jurists, denounced Palestinians as ‘’sleeping agents’’ bent on undermining Egypt’s secular ethos...
  • Egypt’s army has shut down the Rafah border-crossing,..
  • The most ominous move for the Palestinians has been a declaration by Egypt’s government-owned newspaper as well the independent press that 16 Egyptian border guards and officers who were assassinated in cold blood a year ago in the Sinai were killed by Hamas operatives...
What this adds up to is, in effect, a walkout by Egypt from the so-called peace process conducted by United States and its globetrotting state secretary, Senator Kerry...

Oh oh.


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