Monday, May 06, 2013

Zionist 'Rightists' "Violently Anti-Arab"?

Congress Court Verdict in Favor of Jabotinsky
Zurich, Aug. 7 (JTA) –

A verdict in favor of Vladimir Jabotinsky, Zionist Revisionist leader, in his suit against Dr. Marko Romano of Bulgaria, was rendered by the Congress Court. The verdict was announced by S. Gronemann of Berlin, court chairman, at the Congress session Wednesday morning.

Mr. Jabotinsky charged Dr. Romano with publishing a pamphlet in which it was asserted that the Revisionist leader advocated acts of violence against the Palestine Arabs. The Court found that the accusation against Mr. Jabotinsky was unfounded, that he never advocated such violence and that the pamphlet issued by Dr. Romano was harmful to the Zionist movement. The publisher was ordered to withdraw the pamphlet from circulation. The Court will also inquire as to whether Dr. Romano was guilty of casting personal aspersions.

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