Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Arabs Fled in 1948 and Who Says So?

Well, this is from friend Barry Rubin, er, Professor Barry Rubin, that is:-

British Archives: Palestinians Are Responsible for Their Refugee Problem

    According to declassified British Archives documents from early 1948, British officials in the Palestine Mandate reported:

    "The [Palestine] Arabs have suffered a series of overwhelming defeats.... Jewish victories...have reduced Arab morale to zero and, following the cowardly example of their inept leaders, they are fleeing from the mixed areas in their thousands."

    This is confirmation from hostile British official sources of what Israel has been saying for 60 years: that the origin of the Palestinian Arab refugee problem was due to the actions of the Palestinian Arabs themselves: first, their leaders' decision to reject the partition into Arab and Jewish states, then their decision to go to war, and then their disorganization and poor leadership.


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